Transforming The Construction Process - Collaboratively.

After more than 35 years of working in the business side of construction, industry veteran and founder and CEO of Centrecon™, Gianluca Pascale, is here to share the secrets he's discovered in Centrecon™'s first book, The Collaborative Construction Process™. Through all the dismal patterns and messed up status quo of client and contractor relations that he believes have been in place for far too long, Gianluca didn't get discouraged.. he got determined. Determined to share his focus and passion on relationships which are at the heart of Centrecon™ which has given rise to The Collaborative Construction Process™.

For anyone, achieving the highest quality of customer service is never an easy task. Many companies fall for taking the easy way out. This has resulted in an industry that is broken, antiquated, and hasn't grown beyond operating within the status quo for decades.

I am here to change that.

The goal of Centrecon™ is to bring change to our industry with a system already proven successful for our company and our clients' collective projects.

By the time you have finished reading this book, our hope for you is that you see the value of relationship building, transparency, and accountability. By implementing our Collaborative Construction Optimizer™, you will amass the success, and long-term relationships both our company and clients now enjoy.

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Here's What You Can Do Right Now

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From the firm who created it, and author of The Collaborative Construction Process™, Gianluca Pascale, is an introductory video explaining the process and where the need for it came from, not just for Centrecon™, but for the entire industry.

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